I help business rank for their desired keywords on Google. I’ve worked in the personal training industry, video production industry, and the moving industry. The process starts with clear keyword research to understand the local search opportunity, then it moves to competitive research to understand which competitors are ranking and where and how they’re ranking.

The four main pillars of Local SEO:

  • Citation Audit and Creation

Google trusts that businesses are located at a certain address by how many 3rd party sites, cite them with their correct Name, Address, and Phone number, or NAP. The idea is to cite your NAP on as many third-party directory sites as possible to drive more trust and authority for your business at that location. A huge problem people normally face is that they cite their business, but bits and pieces of the NAP aren’t the same across all of their citations. This is a huge problem and can actually be harmful to a business. When the NAP isn’t correct, then Google thinks those are two separate businesses. I run through and clean up citations and build new ones to give Google better signals to trust your business.

  • Link Building

Since its inception, Google has used links to drive authority to a website. The more links your website has, the more authority it maintains and the better it ranks. Over the years, links have gained and lost relevancy, but recently they’ve started to matter a ton more to google. The goal is to have domains with high authority to link to your page, but even better domains that contextually are relevant to your site to link to your page. For example, if you’re a lawyer, it’s better to have sites and blog that write about legal information to link to your site, which will drive more authority within the “legal space” to your site.

  • On-site Optimization

Google documents your site and publishes it as a link to its customers if it contains the information their customer is requesting. That means you need to have the correct keywords on that page as well as the answer to the customer’s question. Your pages need to be optimized to help answer those customers question and help it be ranked within Google’s SERP. Optimized can mean creating new pages to target certain keywords or manipulating old pages to target certain keywords. For a local car mechanic, an example could mean, building a page for “oil changes,” and also a separate one for “tire rotations,” if those are two separate services the business offers.

  • Review Generation

Within the Local Search space, relevancy in a location also means generating good reviews on your business on Google, Yelp, and Facebook. The quantity of the reviews, review star count, and words within the reviews all matter when trying to rank your business. I’ll help build a system to ask for reviews, but also will work personally with you, the business owner, to generate and respond to your reviews.

I charge per project, so nothing goes uncompleted and am very clear with where and how your investment is being spent. This is a generic price sheet for a one location business. With more businesses, the price starts to decrease.