How I grew an eCommerce product’s annual revenue 3x in 6 months.

The product was Fly Rods: https://moonshinerods.com/

Historically the Fly Rod industry was owned by a few large, old, companies. Those being Sage, Orvis, and Redington. They produced high-quality fly rods here in America and sold them for a premium. The average price was around $750 for an entry-level fly rod. In the 90s, they started outsourcing most of the manufacturing of their fly rods to Asia but continued to sell them for that premium price. Moonshine Rods learned they could piece together a similar high-quality rod, but take advantage of the price arbitrage to sell them for a fraction of the price of their competitors and ship them direct to consumer, also saving the retailer markup.

In 2016, Moonshine Rods developed their initial fly rod and started marketing them online. Their rod was more affordable, similar in quality, came with a Cordura hard case, an extra rod tip, and a lifetime warranty. It was an easy sell when comparing the Moonshine Rod product with the incumbents. I started working with them in 2020 and by making a few tweaks to their website and marketing channels, was able to triple their monthly revenue.

1st improvement: SEO on the product landing pages.

The brand had gained a significant amount of traffic and recognition from social media, which lead to a substantial amount of inbound links. Their domain authority was good, they just needed some thoughtful SEO content added to the homepage and product landing pages. By creating a few pages focused on long tail keywords, “#-weight fly rods” we were able to capture high intent traffic and present them all of our products in that category. The following pages are still capturing a ton of traffic two years later, “3-weight fly rods,” “10-weight fly rods,” & “7-weight fly rods”


2nd Improvement: Develop Google Shopping Ads - Use creative images

Whenever you search, “Fly Rods” you are presented with Google shopping options that link to specific products. It shows an image of the product along with the price. We were able to bid on high intent shopping terms and allow our product to stand next to all of the other major competitors. Our product easily stood out because our average price ($199 at the time) was 25% of the competitors($750-$999). We also had product images that were primarily black compared to the white images of all of the other competitors, which not only increased our CTR, but because our CTR and quality score were so good, it helped decrease our average CPC as well. Within three months, we were spending 5 figures on Google shopping and our average monthly revenue tripled compared to the year before.


This is an example of if you can design a great product that is positioned thoughtfully in the market, it can sell itself when you start marketing it.